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My name is Kevin McCormick. I reside in Carrollton, Texas, in the 24th Congressional District.

Kevin McCormick

I am running for Congress and I hope you will vote for me in the November 2016 election.  I am a member of the Green Party.  This election is one where voters should choose Green Party candidates because the Green New Deal is the best program for the economy and the environment offered by any party. The problems in society, the economy, and with the environment cannot be solved by the mainstream parties.  They are controlled by big-money aristocrats who profit by exploiting the public and the environment.  The Green Party is the only party on the ballot that is not beholden to sponsors who pay for favors. The Green Party and Jill Stein have articulated the Green New Deal, which offers far more for Americans than the special interest and privileged class agendas of the other parties.

I do not accept contributions.  However, I suggest you do make a contribution to the Green Party or to The League of Women Voters, or to a cause you believe in.

What I do need is your vote.  Please vote for me in the November election for U.S. Congress, 24th District.

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